Fleetwood Park Athletics Philosophy

Fleetwood Park Athletics – Philosophy Statement

Fleetwood Park Secondary School embraces sport as an integral part of its educational mission. We provide an environment for student-athletes to achieve academic and athletic excellence.

We offer a broad-based program for our students. Every individual has the opportunity to participate in one or more activities suited to their needs:


  • Physical and Health Education (PHE) programs that emphasizes lifetime recreation, health and physical fitness.
  • Intramurals program and Development teams in various sports encourage the Dragons community to participate in wide-ranging recreational, inclusive, and lifetime activities.
  • Competitive sports teams that strive for achievement and excellence with an emphasis on personal development.


The experience of the student-athlete is of primary importance. The athletic experience itself fosters the learning and growing process that strengthens skills in leadership, communication, teamwork, discipline and confidence. We challenge every community member to excel academically, athletically, personally and professionally.

Sports offered at Fleetwood Park:

Fall Sports Winter Sports Spring Sports
Boys Soccer Basketball Badminton
Cross Country Ice Hockey Ball Hockey
Volleyball   Girls Soccer
Swimming   Cricket
    Track and Field
    Ultimate Frisbee
    Flag Football

(Student interest and the availability of coaches dictate which sports are offered in a given year***)